Hi. Welcome to Amigram.com.

I started Amigram.com to give people another way to share their good news with family and friends. As Clark Howard said on his show, “Amigram.com is email on steroids.”

Have happy news you want to share with family and friends but want to reach those not on Facebook? Or perhaps you don’t want all your friends on Facebook viewing your announcement. Amigram.com is an alternative to Facebook.

Any happy announcement, such as an engagement, new baby, adopted pet, or special event is often more than the announcement itself, it's an opportunity to tell others they are important to us. And for those receiving the announcement, it's an opportunity to reciprocate; even if it's just to say "congratulations" or "way to go."

A generation ago it was easy to share and stay in touch with who got engaged, married, had a baby, was promoted, started a new business or whatever because we had our hometown newspaper. Today, not only have many of us moved away from our hometown, we've seen a lot of our newspapers disappear so we can't even keep up to date from afar.

Amigram is a made up word - ami in French means friend and gram is a Greek word meaning something written. So amigram is something written to a friend. And Amigram.com was created to help us all more easily connect or re-connect with family and friends through happy announcements.

Pat Oaklief